2019-2020 Officer Team

Our officer team consists of 3 authorized representatives (President, Vice President, and Treasurer) who conduct official club business with UT RecSports and our chair positions. The three authorized representative positions are elected at the start of spring semester and serve in their position for two semesters. Our chair positions include social, public relations, fundraising, apparel, tournament, and travel. Chair positions are elected at the start of each semester and serve in their position for one semester.



  • Name: Monica Roberts

  • Classification/Major: Junior, Computational Biology; Kinesiology Minor

  • Hometown: El Paso, TX

  • Position: OH/DS

  • Fun Fact: "I went through a fan girl year when I was 15 and met One Direction and waited in line for an Ed Sheeran concert for 14 hours."


Vice President

  • Name: Annika Angove-Rogers

  • Classification/Major: Sophomore, Supply Chain Management,

  • Minor: Business Spanish

  • Hometown: Cypress, TX

  • Position: Libero/DS

  • Fun Fact: “I love to bake and I’m obsessed with animals.”



  • Name: Jenna Chenette

  • Classification/Major: Sophomore, Computer Science

  • Hometown: Friendswood, TX

  • Position: OH/RS

  • Fun Fact: “I’m the shortest person in my family and i’m 5’8!”


Apparel Chair

  • Name: Ali Davison

  • Classification/Major: Junior, Radio, Television & Film

  • Hometown: Round Rock, TX

  • Position: OH/RS

  • Fun Fact: “I have a twin brother.”


Social Chair

  • Name: BrynCaitlin Walker

  • Classification/Major: Junior, Corporate Communications

  • Hometown: San Antonio, TX

  • Position: OH

  • Fun Fact: “I can juggle, the biggest pet I’ve ever had is a hermit crab, and I’m related to the guy who wrote the star spangled banner.”


Social Chair

  • Name: Madalena Almanza

  • Classification/Major: Junior, Anthropology

  • Hometown: Austin, TX

  • Position: MB

  • Fun Fact: “I eat easy mac and ramen at least 5 times a week each.”